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Plug and Abandonment

Our P&A Experiences

EMAS Energy Plug and Abandonment Unit at Offshore Platform

Why EMAS for Plug and Abandonment?

  • EMAS Energy has plugged and abandoned more 430 wells to date.
  • Excellent Safety record  
  • In country/ region assets and crews -> Minimal mobilization/ demobilization costs 
  • In country/ region support bases and offices 
  • New and Fit for purpose equipment 
  • Powerful and various lifting force to guarantee the conductor pulling activity
  •  In-house engineering support and design -> Minimal use of third party equipment 
  • Noise attenuated equipment

P&A Integrated Services

Lewek Explorer 500 - Rigless P&A Unit | EMAS Energy

All you need in plug and abandonment

  • Pulling unit
  • Modular crane
  • Tubular running and handling
  • BHA
  • Slickline
  • Cementing
  • Cold cutting
  • CCLF
  • ROV
  • Hot tapping

Our P&A Unit

Lewek Explorer 502 - Rigless P&A Unit | EMAS Energy

Rigless P&A Unit

  • Lewek Explorer 500 
  • Lewek Explorer 502

Hydraulic Workover Unit

Our HWO Experiences

EMAS Energy - Hydraulic Workover Unit on Offshore Platform

  • Running/ change out ESP completions on remote platforms  
  • Well cleanouts/ Acid Jobs 
  • Casing Leaks: Run External & Internal Patches 
  • Fishing Operations  
  • Water disposal/ injection  
  • Hole deepening  
  • Pulling parted tubing  
  • Plug and Abandonments  
  • Chemical provision  
  • Well Intervention & Stimulation 
  • Cement Squeeze

Successful Stories

EMAS Energy - Hydraulic Workover Unit on Offshore Platform

  • Continuous operation Offshore Gulf of Thailand since April 2011  
  • Stand alone Zone 2 compliant package 
  • Seamless Transition to 24 Hour Operations in February 2012 
  • 100% utilization with 2 shore base maintenance periods 
  • IFO: 0 LTI in four years of operation 
  • Average Trip speed 20-30 joints per hour 
  • Average duration per WO Operation: 6.5 days 
  • Average Rig Move between Platforms: 6 days (From Start Rig Down to Start Operation on New Platform) 
  • NPT against HWO Unit: <1% 
  • Unit consistently working well depths of 10,000 ft plus

Our Hydraulic Workover Unit

Lewek Explorer 460 - Hydraulic Workover Unit | EMAS Energy

Hydraulic Workover Unit

  • Lewek Explorer 340
  • Lewek Explorer 460
  • Lewek Explorer 600

Onshore Well Workover Unit

  • Lewek Explorer 202
  • Lewek Explorer 250

Multi Services

Pumping Vessel - EMAS Energy + EMAS Offshore | Together We Deliver

EMAS has been well known of our pumping services capability from normal pumping operations to complicated pumping task e.g. well stimulation that customizes client’s specific requirements and various type of jobs performed over the years. Below examples of our services history ensure your confidence in choosing EMAS as your pumping partner.

  • Pumping Service
  • Pumping vessel
  • Vacuum pump for tank cleaning
  • Continuous Mixing Unit/ CMU
  • Nitrogen Pumping

Pipeline and Process

Pipeline and Process Services | EMAS Energy

  • Pipeline Pre-commissioning services
  • Subsea pipeline external inspection services
  • Subsea pipeline freespan correction services

Flange Management - PPS | EMAS Energy

  • Bolting and Flange Management services
  • Nitrogen-related services

Degassing and Flaring Services - PPS | EMAS Energy

  • Subsea pipeline degassing & flaring services
  • Industrial Cleaning services

Tubular Running Services

Tubular Running Services (TRS) | EMAS Energy

Tubular Running Services (TRS)

EMAS Energy TRS Services began operations in 2010 providing tubular running service, sub-assembly making up and pressure test services and tubular handling tool rental to the major oil firms in Southeast Asia, Middle east and Northeast Asia. EMAS Energy exclusively uses certified, best-in-class equipment in all operations and has an excellent safety record running 1,370,000 man-hours incident free, without Lost Time Incident (LTI).


We provide slickline services onshore and offshore.

Also provide slickline operation supporting to Plug and Abandonment, Rigless unit, Pulling unit and Pumping Vessel. 

Support Function

Maintenance and Fabrication

EMAS Energy Maintenance and Fabrication Workshop Sattahip

Maintenance & Fabrication Workshop at  Sattahip, Chonburi Thailand.

  • Hydraulic
  • Electric 
  • Mechatronic
  • Mechanic
  • Fabrication    

EMAS Laboratory

EMAS Cement Testing Laboratory

 EMAS Laboratory at  Sattahip, Chonburi Thailand.

  • Cement Testing
  • Acid stimulation Testing


EMAS Energy - Teamwork

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment 

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007